Stud Bar Pull Up Bars

  • If you are serious about pull ups, chin ups, or kipping pull ups, you need a sturdy, fixed-mount pullup bar.
  • Stud Bar is a gym-quality pull up bar made from welded 14 gauge steel with triangular gussets for added strength. 600 LB. weight capacity.
  • The bar is 1 1/4″ diameter for a comfortable grip.
  • Stud Bar comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights.
  • Our mounting holes center on your existing ceiling or wall studs at 48 inches for easy mounting. (Grade 8 wood mounting hardware included).
  • Stud Bar’s 48″ width allows for wide grip pull ups.
  • Add gymnastic rings or fitness bands for added exercise options and you can turn your ceiling into a gym.
  • Hammertone powder coated finish. Lifetime warranty. U.S. Patent #D623707.

Our Stud Bar Pull Up Bars come in three sizes

  • Standard Size– For 9 foot ceilings or wall mounting. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 14″ or 22″ below ceiling
  • Small Size– For 8 foot ceilings, bar hangs 10″ or 14″ below ceiling
  • Large Size– For 10 foot ceilings. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 31″ or 39″ below ceiling

If the standard issue doorway pull up bar isn’t enough for your fitness program then consider the Stud Bar pull up bar also know as chin up bar. These are the organizational mission and values we live by. Your pull up bar should look as good as you and be stronger than you. Your pull up should be made from welded 14 gauge powder coated steel designed and built to hang in a commercial gym and be overbuilt for your garage gym. Your pull up bar should be able to outlast you during a CrossFit W.O.D. and be strong enough to handle kipping pull ups. A pull up bar should be well designed and have its own patent. Your pull up bar should be a personal investment and encourage you to be fit. You will find pull ups fun and challenging. You should put the voided space of your garage ceiling to good use and install a pull up bar. Stud Bar will make you a stronger faster better human being. When you desire a gorilla proof ceiling or wall mountable pull up bar with outstanding customer service, get a Stud Bar pull up bar.

glassman studbar“Your pull-up bar is one of the few original contributions to that exercise I’ve ever seen-as cool as the door gym, but several magnitudes more durable, steady, and safe. I’ve got mine, attached to my home gym ceiling and I love it. That’s how cool your bar is.”
Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder
“Loving the bar – it’s bombproof”
Tony Webster
“I have spent money / too much time building pullup bars in my back yard with 6″x6″ beams / poles with medicore success. I put the StudBar up in about 15 minutes and it fit perfectly in my carport. It is clean, sturdy, and the best quality pullup bar I have been on.”
Stew Smith CSCS, Former Navy SEAL
“You guys make a great product. It’s easy to install, well constructed, and extremely sturdy. You have exceeded my expectations!”
Jim Turner
“Great piece of equipment, extremely sturdy and well built, very simple and yet quite ingenious!”
Steve Keefer, Former 75th Army Ranger and CrossFitter
“What an awesome pullup bar!!!! I have been into fitness for over 30 years and I love this product! Thanks for designing such a sturdy, quality piece of workout equipment.”
Adrian Smith
“Just wanted to let ya know that your product is awesome! Thanks again.”
Andres Martinez
“Mark, I love the two bars, they are legit. They are even better than I could have hoped for.”
Aaron, CrossFit West Knox
“I just want to say that it is an awesome product and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality materials you use.”
Johni Wigington
“Thank you very much for the pullup bar! Its a great product. It’s very high quality and easy to install.”
Rich Hernandez
“I recently bought a stud bar and I LOVE it! Excellent piece of equipment. Ordering another one so I can get all my students Cross-Fitting. Well done!”
Adam Crown
“Awhile back , you sold me two StudBar Pullup Bar Just wanted you to know that yesterday I managed to do a set of 20 dead hang pull-ups, a goal I’ve had for some time. Thanks, and keep cranking out those pull up bars.”
Mike Buckley
“Your product has been a life changer. It was a significant purchase for me in many ways… it was the first real piece of fitness equipment I bought for myself. It was a “handyman” project, something I don’t do well, and I was able to do it. The bar is right there and gives me an opportunity and sometimes a reminder that even when time is short, there are always a few minutes available to exercise. It has also inspired my kids to exercise. They LOVE for me to put them up there so they can do pull ups as well.”
Mike Joyce

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